Monday, January 28, 2013

Christian Clothing Fashion week in February



As February 9th approaches, the Christian Fashion Week team prepares its designers, stylists, volunteers, partners, and registered media for an industry first. While fashion shows are not a new thing to churches, this is the first time in history an organized effort to hold a Fashion Week event from a worldview of modesty and faith has ever been attempted. As a result, the event has begun to take on the form of a movement instead of just another show. With supporters inside and outside of the church community including celebrities and fashion industry professionals, Christian Fashion Week has promised a well-produced event with a strict focus on fashion and buyer participation.

"This event is far from what people have come to expect from Christian-led events," said Mayra Gomez, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week. Co-founder Wil Lugo added, "It's not a church service. It's a celebration of fashion from the perspective of our values and tastes as a community of faith and modesty. We've got international and celebrity designers who have spent months preparing fashion lines that are going to wow the crowd."

Designers Alma Vidovic, Carmelita Couture, Evelyn Lambert, Franco Montoro, Julia Chew, Pat Mcghee, Sandra Hagen, and Sumita Bhojwani are making their final adjustments to their stunning collections, showcase for the first time at the February 9th event.

When asked about why she chose to participate in Christian Fashion Week, designer Sandra Hagen said, "I want to reach other markets in the Fashion Industry as well as to show women a new side of elegance and style." Designer Julia Chew smiled as she chimed in, "I am motivated to design garments that promote the femininity, dignity, and loveliness of a lady." A late addition includes a men's line by Fashion Week veteran, Pat McGhee.

About Christian Fashion Week

The vision of Christian Fashion Week is to create the world's first series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion with a Christian worldview, considering Christian values such as modesty, boldness, and true style. We aim to create a viable forum for fashion designers and industry professionals to network and increase awareness of a values-based fashion industry that has always taken a back seat to the world's more risqué sense of style. Christian Fashion Week is a mission to stand for dignity on behalf of communities, families, and fashion consumers.